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New Features in DeedMapper 4.1

Version 4.1 builds on version 4.0 with a number of new capabilities, summarized below.

Major Improvements

The Deed Entry Form has been improved to make deed entry even easier. The new layout offers more data entry fields, and more explicit handling of missing information situations and the final survey line. Data entry errors are trapped and identified right in the form.

Edit your deeds with the Deed Entry Form. Many of you have asked for this capability, so here it is! A new toolbar button in the Plot View brings up the Deed Entry Form on the selected deed. (You can continue to use the Text View for editing if you prefer.)

You’ve also asked for the ability to graphically edit a parcel, so we’ve added that to version 4.1, too! You can now insert new points along a meander line, for example, to make a nicer presentation of the parcel. You can also clean up gaps and overlaps between neighboring parcels.

Fine tune the location of selected deeds by nudging them a pixel at a time. Just press the Shift key while using the arrow keys to move the deed. A very handy new feature!

Grab the Plot View with the mouse and navigate by dragging it around. This is accomplished with a new tool called the Grab Hand. It can be used on a permanent or a temporary basis.

The Display Menu has been redesigned to offer much more flexibility for information display. You can now display the names of all property owners, for example, at the same time you’re displaying the owner name and corner descriptions of the selected parcel. Previously you could show owners on all parcels, or corner descriptions on the selected parcel, but not both at the same time.

With the addition of the “As of Date” field in the Plot View toolbar and a new sale date tag in the Text View (and Deed Entry Form), you have a much easier way to make “time maps”. A time map shows ownership as of a certain date. Just enter the purchase and sale dates of the various parcels and then set the As of Date field to a particular year. Voila! The Plot View shows you who owns what on that date.

Reduce the amount of tedious editing with the new Apply Text command. It can modify multiple deeds at once, inserting comments such as “! Got this from Bob”, or replacing all occurrences of November with Nov. Want to add Labels to all deeds? No problem!

We’ve improved the integration with scanned USGS topographic map images from the USGS or sites like libremap.org.

  • You can now export parcels to KML format (Google Earth). Previously you needed to be using our optional background maps in order to do this, but now you can use a background image as long as you provide its corner latitudes and longitudes.
  • You can now use GPS points in your deeds
  • Partial transparency of parcel fills and improved text display make for a much better presentation of parcels on top of topographic images.
  • There’s specific documentation regarding the use of topographic map images.
  • The Text View navigation buttons now track the order of parcels in the Table View. If you sort the Table View by date, for example, the Text View’s Next button will go to the next deed as determined by the Table View. Previously it went to the next Item number, regardless of its location in the Table View. The Plot View also has new Previous and Next toolbar buttons that behave the same as those in the Text View.

    Additional Improvements

    Parcel selection behavior is improved.

    The selected parcel(s) are highlighted more clearly.

    Labels now support user tags

    DeedMapper’s video tutorials have been moved to our channel on YouTube. You can still access them through the Help menu, but your Internet browser is used to display the videos.

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