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26 Oct 2012


DeedMapper File Author Deeds Time Modern County
Index ALTallapoosa.zip Hall53001832-1991Tallapoosa grants (Placed) 26Oct12


DeedMapper File Author Deeds Time Modern County
Boyle.gz Hankla501779-1958Boyle/Mercer grants & deeds (Placed)
Index Fayette.zip Hudgins6191779-1792Fayette, Jessamine, Woodford patents (Placed) 20Jan11
Jessamine see Fayette
Index KyWhitN.gz Broyles2671818-1832Whitley DB1, N of Cumberland R., (Placed)
Index KyWhitS.gz Broyles3131818-1832Whitley DB1, S of Cumberland R., (Placed)
Woodford see Fayette


DeedMapper File Author Deeds Time Modern County
Index Allegany.zip file with multiple deed files, background image Anderson21501745-1937Allegany patents (placed)


DeedMapper File Author Deeds Time Modern County
Index SmithMS.gz Hill831841-1913Smith (placed)

New York

DeedMapper File Author Deeds Time Modern County
East1750.gz Wick35c. 1750Ulster Co., Esopus Twp., (Neighborhoods)
East1805.gz Wick45c. 1805Ulster Co., Esopus Twp., (Neighborhoods)
Jones.gz Wick23c. 1800Ulster Co., Esopus Twp., (Neighborhoods)
Magurasi.gz Wick6c. 1800Ulster Co., Esopus Twp., (Neighborhoods)
Srca1805.gz Wick25c. 1805Ulster Co., Esopus Twp., (Neighborhoods)
Srca1850.gz Wick12c. 1850Ulster Co., Esopus Twp., (Neighborhoods)
VwCompos.gz Wick16c. 1800Ulster Co., Esopus Twp. (Neighborhoods)

North Carolina

DeedMapper File Author Deeds Time Modern County
Index Anson.gz Lindsey2991773-1900Buncombe grants and deeds (neighborhoods)
Index Beaufort.gz Newman5941706-2005Beaufort, Craven, Pitt grants and deeds (neighborhoods) 7Sep07
Buncombe.gz Jacobs291766-1775Buncombe (unplaced)
Index Burke.gz McNeely19121748-1926Burke, Caldwell, Catawba, Alexander grants (placed) 13Aug07
Index, Registry NWMoore.gz Jackson10961741-1995NW Moore Co. grants (placed) 05Apr09


DeedMapper File Author Deeds Time Modern County
Index PaGreene.gz Mort26 c. 1800Greene Co. patents (Placed)
BlueKnob1.gz Plummer66c. 1936Bedford Co. - Blue Knob SP Formation (Placed)
BlueKnob2.gz Plummer72c. 1800Bedford Co. Warrants (Placed)

South Carolina

DeedMapper File Author Deeds Time Modern County
Info Belfast.gz Hart81 1766-1775Abbeville,McCormick,Greenwood,Edgefield, (Placed)


DeedMapper File Author Deeds Time Modern County
TNHardeman.zip Mason21 1842-49Hardeman Co. near Toone (Placed) 01Apr11
TNMoore.gz Evans91 1807-1915Moore Co. deeds (Placed) 05Apr09


Note: Patents and Grants are available on-line here.

DeedMapper File Author Deeds Time Modern County
Index Albemarle.gz various14761722-1858Albemarle patents (Placed), 28Mar04
Amelia see Nottoway
Index Amherst.gz Bannister9711738-1844Amherst/Nelson patents (placed), 26Nov05
Index Appomatt.gz Bannister et al4821739-1828Appomattox patents (Placed), 1Feb10
Index Bedford.gz Hudgins9691741-1882Bedford patents (Placed), 11Jan10
Index Botetour.gz Hudgins3621740-1803Botetourt patents (Partially placed), 5Dec04
Index Brunswick.zip Hudgins8211717-1801Brunswick patents (Placed), 06Jul12
Index Buckingh.gz Bannister7781723-1842Buckingham patents (Placed), 20Jan02
Index Campbell.gz Hudgins et al7951736-1902Campbell patents (Placed), 2Feb10
Index Caroline.gz Hudgins3711650-1752Caroline patents (Placed)
Index Charlott.gz Hudgins5281732-1835Charlotte patents (Placed), 10Jan10
Index Chesterf.gz Bannister6041638-1790Chesterfield patents (Placed), 21Apr02
Clarke see Old Frederick
Index Cumberland.gz Bannister4051714-1835Cumberland patents (Placed), 10Oct04
Index Dinwiddi.zip Hudgins8841653-1785Dinwiddie patents (Placed), 10Sep11
Index Fluvanna.gz Hudgins et al7131721-1855Fluvanna patents (Placed), 20Apr08
Index Old Frederick.gz Dunn1651734-1790Clarke and Frederick grants and patents (Placed), 21Nov04
Index Goochlan.gz Bannister et al4101689-1816Goochland patents (Placed), 27Feb02
Index Greene.gz Hudgins131722-1761Greene patents (Placed)
Index GvCo.gz Hudgins6941715-1800Greensville patents (Placed), 20Dec00
Index Halifax.gz Hudgins, Wells7821738-1853Halifax patents (Placed), 2Dec06
Index Hanover.gz Sullivan, Hudgins4511653-1819Hanover patents (Placed), 15Aug08
Index Henrico.gz Bannister3221636-1803Henrico patents (Placed), 21Apr02
Index IsleWigh.gz Hudgins3931635-1797Isle of Wight patents (Placed), 21May03
Index Louisa.gz Sullivan7901718-1838Louisa patents & surveys (Placed), 5Oct03
Index Lunenbur.gz Hudgins6181728-1796Lunenburg patents (Placed), 31Mar02
VaMad.gz Blankenbaker2041722-1739Madison patents (Placed)
Index Mecklenb.gz Hudgins7791722-1819Mecklenburg patents (Placed), 31Mar02
Index Montgome.gz Hudgins10091746-1891Montgomery patents (Placed), 12Oct09
Nansemond see Suffolk
Index Nelson.gz Bannister9351730-1861Nelson patents (Placed), 10Jan04
Index NewKent.zip Hudgins541647-1694New Kent patents (Placed), 24Jan11
Index Nottoway.gz Hudgins, Sullivan9011717-1779Amelia/Nottoway patents (Placed), 23Mar03
Index Nova.gz Davey2531651-1911Pr. Wm., Fairfax, Fauquier, etc. (Placed)
Index Orange.gz Hudgins3901713-1815Orange patents (Placed), 3Apr04
Index Pittsylvania.gz Hudgins14401738-1819Pittsylvania patents (Placed), 2Dec06
Index Powhatan.gz Bannister et al3801702-1751Powhatan patents (Placed), 28Sep01
Index PrEdw.gz Sullivan4291728-1847Prince Edward patents (Placed), 23Mar03
Index PGeorge.zip Hudgins3821642-1802Prince George patents (Placed) 10Sep11
PwCo.gz Davey181707-1760Prince Wm. patents & deeds (Neighborhoods)
PrinceWilliam.gz Cain6621657-1855Prince Wm. patents & deeds (Placed), 30Apr10
Index Pulaski.gz Hudgins5751746-1887Pulaski patents (Placed), 12Oct09
Index Roanoke.gz Hudgins2311742-1855Roanoke patents (Placed), 21May05
Index RussellTazewell.gz Anderson6991782-1912Russell/Tazewell grants & deeds (Placed), 24Mar07
Index Shenandoah.gz Crown841749-1858Shenandoah patents (Placed), 6Nov05
Index SnCo.gz Hudgins8911701-1836Southampton patents (Placed), 7Oct04
SwVa.gz Hudgins1741735-1770Staunton R. patents (Neighborhoods)
Index Spotsylv.gz Hudgins3711666-1803Spotsylvania patents (Placed) 3Apr04
Index Suffolk.gz Hudgins8821638-1749Suffolk City (Nansemond Co.) patents (placed), 21May03
Index Surry.gz Hudgins5921619-1788Surry patents (Placed), 2Apr01
Index Sussex.gz Hudgins7981701-1818Sussex patents (Placed), 29Sep04
Tazewell see Russell
Index Wythe.gz Hudgins9761750-1883Wythe patents (Placed), 12Oct09

West Virginia

Note: Patents and Grants are available on-line here.

DeedMapper File Author Deeds Time Modern County
Berkeley see Old Frederick, VA
Index Greenbri.gz Hudgins4151774-1858Greenbrier patents (Neighborhoods)
Whanger.gz Whanger22 Greenbrier Co.
Jefferson see Old Frederick, VA
Index Monroe.gz Hudgins3351774-1858Monroe patents (Placed)
Index Summers.gz Hudgins2261784-1862Summers patents (Neighborhoods)

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