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DeedMapper Technical Specifications

Maximum number of deeds per deed file: unlimited.

Maximum number of background maps per project: unlimited.

Maximum number of background images per project: two.

Background image formats supported: BMP, JPG, TIFF, GIF

Maximum number of corners per deed: unlimited

Three forms of headings are handled, and they can be mixed within the same deed:

  1. Standard survey format (e.g. N23E 100 poles)
  2. Degrees/minutes/seconds format (e.g. N23/15/32E 85 rods)
  3. Compass point format (e.g. NExN.5pN 64 chains)

Length units: pole, rod, perch, foot, chain, link, vara, arpent, meter, yard, plus a user-defined unit. Straight line headings only. Additionally, you can redefine any length unit to have a non-standard value.

The program calculates actual area in the following units: acre, hectare, arpent, labor, plus a user-defined unit.

Parcel corners must be within 5 miles (1600 rods/poles) of each other. Lines longer than this must be broken into sections of 5 miles or less.

Scale: 31 feet per inch through 12 miles per inch. (You can also customize within these bounds)

Graphic export of BMP, JPG, TIFF, GIF formats.

Export KML (Google Earth) format if you are using our optional background maps.

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