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New Features in DeedMapper 4.2

Version 4.2 builds on previous versions with a number of new capabilities, summarized below.

Major Improvements

The File menu has a new command, Export Web Files. It creates a number of files that, taken together, recreate the Plot and Table views of your DeedMapper project in web form, including all of your parcels plus your background maps and images. Just upload the files to your web site and let other people see your DeedMapper work! The web files closely resemble DeedMapper's Plot View and Table View and are linked so that clicking on something in either view takes you to the other view. The files are compatible with the latest versions of the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera.

Custom placement and orientation of the Display Menu’s center text is now supported. DeedMapper has always placed display text such as owner names at or near the center of parcels, looking for a placement that does not conflict with existing text. For added flexibility you can now reposition the text and even change its angle of display to better fit the parcel.

The Table View is improved in several ways.

Additional Improvements

When you select an item in the Plot View or Table View, the status bar at the bottom of the main window indicates that the Text View contains Notes for that item.

In certain cases, Corner text (Display Menu) will be displayed with wrapping. This can be useful if the text would otherwise extend off the edges of the Plot View.

Copy and Paste of deeds in the Plot View supports pasting at a location you specify by left or right mouse click. Select a deed or deeds, then Edit >> Copy. Click the right or left mouse button at the location you want the paste to occur, then Edit >> Paste. If you copy a deed and immediately paste it without specifying a location it will continue to be put at a location shifted from the original.

The Edit >> Grouped command works in the Table View. You can select two or more deeds and Group or ungroup them.

The File >> Save As command saves a filtered subset of deeds. Previously, if you applied the Deed Filter and then did a Save As, all deeds, whether visible or not, were written to the file. The command now notifies you that only a portion of the deeds will be written to the output file, allowing you to create deed files that contain just certain deeds.

The Plot View supports background graphic images in PNG format and you can save a graphic of the Plot View in that format, too.

You can choose to display your background images either with higher quality, or with higher speed of display. See View >> Options >> Images.

The Deed Entry form allows you to enter Adj (adjacent owner names) and ID (tax or other identification number) values for a deed.

KML files created with the File >> Save As command contain all DeedMapper keywords as additional “SimpleData” for each deed. This is useful to anyone doing GIS-related work.

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